Gourmet Mustard. high quality ingredients. bold flavor. hearty. robust.


      Spicy homemade mustard - Satisfy your cravings with this lip-smacking Van Smokey Mustard! Prepared with a blend of the finest whole brown and yellow mustard seeds, without any fillers or additives. It's smooth and thick - the perfect condiment for gourmet meals.

      The best condiment - Spice up any dish with an extra kick! Perfectly tangy and flavorful, it enhances the flavors of smoked meats, sandwiches, burgers, and so much more. This delicious mustard will become your new go-to favorite in no time.

      Pairs well with smoked meats - BBQ parties? Absolutely! Add smokiness to your meal with Van Smokey Mustard. Top smoked salmon or pastrami sandwiches for an added layer of spice that won't overpower but merely enhance the flavor of your dish. Enjoy while adding a bit of heat!