Smoked Pickled Cucumbers. Unique Delicious PIckles. Small-batch. Catskills, New York

    Van Smokey Thermocucular Smoked Pickled Cucumbers


      Smoked fresh ingredients - Our Van Smokey Thermocucular is made from smoked fresh cucumbers that will have your mouth watering at first bite. Get a unique flavor and texture profile with each pickle!

      Jazz up your burger - Give your next burger a delicious twist with Van Smokey Thermocucular! The smoky flavor pairs perfectly with the tangy pickles and just enough heat from the red chili flakes to give your taste buds something to dance about.

      A different way to snack - Not just for burgers, our smoked pickles are perfect when you need a tasty snack fix. Enjoy them straight out of the jar or add them as a topping on pizza, tacos, salad and more for extra crunch and flavor.


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