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Van Smokey

Van Smokey Bloody Hot Bloody Mary

Van Smokey Bloody Hot Bloody Mary

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You don’t make friends with salad, but you do make friends with Bloody Hot Bloody. Smoked tomatoes and jalapenos pair with our unique spice blend to make the ultimate Bloody Mary mixer—smoky, spicy, and hella robust.

Easy win cocktail mixer - Just add booze! Van Smokey Bloody Hot Bloody Mary is the perfect way to make spicy and flavorful cocktails quickly. Forget the hassle of chopping and smoking tomatoes or jalapeños, our mix has everything you need for a delicious Bloody Mary.

Flavorful - Our mix packs powerful flavor that will bring your next party or gathering to life. Enjoy a smokiness that only comes from real smoked tomatoes and jalapeños and a heat that'll surprise you every time!

Smoked ingredients - With all natural ingredients like smoked tomatoes, smoked jalapeños, celery, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper, black pepper and sea salt, you'll be getting the best flavor in every drink.

Spicy - Perfect for those who like it hot! Van Smokey's mix has just the right amount of heat so everyone can enjoy their traditional Bloody Mary with an extra kick. It's not overwhelming but will definitely leave you wanting more.

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