Smoked PIckled Green Beans. Dilly Beans. Spicy. Small-batch. Catskills, New York
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    Van Smokey Green Bean Fire Dream Smoked Pickled Green Beans


      Smoked fresh ingredients - Van Smokey’s Green Been Fire Dream is a unique pickle made from premium green beans, smoked over real hardwood fire. The smoky flavor pairs perfectly with the slight heat of red chili flakes, making it the perfect accompaniment to any dish!

      A pickle for all occasions - Our Green Been Fire Dream isn't just for snacking! Add a kick to marinades, use it as a topping on burgers and sandwiches, or spice up your Bloody Mary! Whatever you choose, it'll add depth and flavor like no other.

      Especially good in your Bloody Mary - Whether you like yours with vodka or tequila, our Green Been Fire Dream will give your drink an unforgettable flavor. Garnish with one for a beautiful presentation that'll leave everyone asking where you got them!


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